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Engraved photographs

How do we engrave photographs?
Using some very clever software we can engrave photographs onto the lighter coloured wooden items, crystal items and acrylic items. Ideally the subject of the photo should be well defined and easy to distinguish from the background. If you have any queries about whether a photograph would be suitable then why not email it to us and we will have a look.

1. The original photo (Top Left) is a 6x4 (150mm x 100mm) print and is scanned in to the computer. (You could email us a scanned photo, a digital one, or a copy of the original.) Please do not send the original to us as we cannot guarantee that we can return it.

2. The back ground is digitally removed from the digital image and is changed to shades of grey. (Top Right)

3. The black and white photo is changed to a series of dots. The darker the area of the photo the closer together that the dots are. (Bottom left)

4. The finished article! The picture is engraved onto a 9"x7" Red-alder Plaque, but could have been done onto a maple plaque, photo album etc. (Bottom Right)

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