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Choosing a font

Choosing a font.

When choosing a font for engraving in an arc it is normally best to pick a font with vertical uprights (left hand picture) rather than an italicised font (right hand picture) because all the upright strokes from the font will focus onto the centre of the engraving.


  Sometimes it can look better if the font is used as an outline. Especially when it is a very bold font. When the engraving is to go onto a keepsake box it is best to use a bold font rather than on that uses very fine lines. The mixture of colours in the wood mean that sometimes the fine fonts are hard to read. For maple (photograph albums, room signs, pen boxes) it is better to use a finer font as a very bold one can be overpowering.

  Which Font should I use?
This is a very common question that we are asked. The simple answer is "The one that you like the most", but the answer depends on what item you want engraved and the look that you prefer. For the memory boxes we tend to suggest fonts like "King Things" , "Enigma" , "Petrock" or "Shrewsbury" if you want an old-fashioned look as they are bold, easy to read yet give a hand-engraved look to the final product.

  For a more friendly look (for example a child's photograph frame) yo may want to use "Bradley" , "Bedbug" , "Samuel Pepys" or "Oscar" .

  For a formal event such as a birth, Christening, confirmation or Wedding yo might like to try "Story Book" , "Lightfoot" , "Elisabeth" or "Vivaldi" .

but whichever you choose, we will email you a design using that font and if you don't like it just ask us to do it again in another one and we will be glad to do so.

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